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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Critical Thinking Using Primary Sources Workshop Resources

Below find a series of links to documents relating to today's workshop.  They'll be available here at for your reference after today as well.  Please feel free to send questions and your feedback on today's workshop to

Resources & Links from Christopher Zarr of the National Archives:

Online Resources of the National Archives

Listing of Primary Sources on the Holocaust at the National Archives

National Archives - Suggested Methods for Integrating Primary Sources Into Classroom Instruction

Primary Sources - Examples from the National Archives

National Archives Document Analysis Sheets

Docs Teach - The online interactive resource that allows you to access and create classroom projects that integrate primary sources and  21st century technologies.

Resources & Links from William Fernekes:
Using Primary Sources to Study the Holocaust - Presentation Outline

Primary Sources in History: Breaking Through the Myths

Suggested Methods for Integrating Primary Sources Into Classroom Instruction

Resources & Links from Paul Winkler, Executive Director of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education:

Salvaged Pages - the work of Alexandra Zapruder with tips on integrating primary sources into the classroom

The NJ Commission on Holocaust Education's website includes links to curriculum guides on teaching on the Holocaust as well as various genocides around the world, additional resources, and the mandate legislation regarding Holocaust education in grades K-12.

Don't forget to check out Facing History and Ourselves - an awesome resource for educators - and look into attending their upcoming workshop on The Holocaust and Human Behavior in Cherry Hill, NJ!

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