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Thursday, July 23, 2015

February 2015 "Movies at Noon" related to The Holocaust and Genocides - 12 noon

  • Feb. 10 - "The Power of Good," Nicholas Winton and Saving Children During the Holocaust
The Power of Good: Nicholas Winton is a 2002 documentary about Nicholas Winton, the man
who organized the Kindertransport rescue mission of 669 children from German-occupied
Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War.

  • Feb. 17 - "Romeo Dallaire: Good Man in Hell" and Brief Discussion of Rwandan Genocide
 In 1994, Canadian General Roméo Dallaire, commander of the UN Mission in Rwanda, warned
 of possible mass murder of the Tutsi minority by Hutus. Unheeded by UN officials, nearly all of his
 troops were withdrawn and his warning became a reality. General Dallaire shared his experience
and reflected on a genocide that he could not stop and cannot forget.Ted Koppel interviewed
 General Romeo Dallaire. The general shared insight and experiences regarding the Rwandan
Genocide and the underwhelming international response. The purpose of this selection was to  
offer an overview of the Rwanda genocide ,create an understanding of the subject of genocide
and helped the viewer understand the genocide through the eyes of Romeo Dallaire.
  • Feb. 24 - "Only a Number" introduced by filmmaker Steven H. Besserman
On February 24, Steven Besserman’s film, Only a Number, was shown at noon. Thirty-five
students and three faculty attended the event as well as Mr. Besserman. Mr. Besserman, a
member of the Mercer County Hoocaust and Genocide Resource center , followed the
presentation of the film with a visit to  Professor Craig Coenen’s Holocaust and Genocide
Honors  course to discuss  the documentary and answer questions from the students.
This presentation was held in CM110, West Windsor Campus

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