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Thursday, July 23, 2015

NOVEMBER 2014 Movies at NOON

November , 2014
Nov. 4 - "Genocide in the First Half of the Century" (57 minutes) examined the history of genocide
 including the 1921 Tulsa Race riot, the 1923 Rosewood massacre, Stalin's  forced Ukraine Famine,
 the Japanese Rape of Nanking and the Holocaust.
Nov. 11 - "World War II - The Holocaust" (58 minutes)
Nov. 18 - "A Promise to My Father" (56 minutes) followed Holocaust survivor Israel Arbeiter as
he returns to Poland and Germany to look for items buried in 1939 in the basement of his old home.
Israel traveled  to Treblinka death camp where his parents and younger brother
were murdered, as well as other camps.

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